Nordic Labs TESTX PRO 60 Caps

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Perfect for men who care about proper level of male hormones. Absolutely indispensable after cycle. In Nordic Laboratories we put maximum effort on targeting products and quality raw materials.

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Lets take a look at ingredients -Group nr 1. Erogenic Adaptogen Long Jack Extract 300mg. Needless to say, a healthy boost of testosterone and libido. Turkesterone 400mg. Insect hormone, also works in humans. However, research results show that the dose must be constant minimum 400mg upwards or in combination with its metabolite Beta Ecdysterone. BetaEcdysterone 180mg. Together with the above-mentioned normalizes lipid metabolism, increases the protein synthesis. In this dosage BetaEcdysterone supports regeneration of the nervous system. Androst-3,5-Diene-7, 17-Dione50mg - It belongs to the PH group, when used with or after saa. It lowers cortisol levels and stimulates the pituitary gland to produce FSH and LH. AntiEstro-Metabolizers. Maca Root150mgc - a solid energizer stimulates libido, increases the strength endurance, regulates the hormonal balance, Maca has a lot of other pro-health properties. 150mg acts as synergizer to all above-mentioned ingredients. Shilajit Extract 150mg - The awareness of "Blood of Rocks" has been increasing recently, the medicine of kings. strengthens bones and joints, supports sexual functions, and strengthens our immunity. Mucuna Pruriens 98% L'Dopa 200mg - Dopamine precursor, increases testosterone levels, in this combination together with beta-ecdysterone fits perfectly with PCT. BioPerine 5mg - here for better use and absorption of all other ingredients.Copper 1400mcg - Why copper? Because we usually have its deficiency in the body and it is crucial in the collagen synthesis. It has strong antioxidant effect. During SAA therapy keeps the urinary system in good condition (Yes, you know it gentlemen). Vitamin D3 5000IU - almost no biochemical process in our body can take place without the appropriate concentration of this vitamin in the body. Unfortunately, in many countries we have a chronic shortage of D3. You won't find similar product on market.

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