TWP OSTALEAN 60 Capsules

( TWP38595 )


SARM Stack designed to promote lean muscle growth, enhanced strength and endurance, improved metabolism and fat loss.

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TWP Ostalean is a stack designed to take your gains to the next level. Ostalean is a stack of Ostarine and Cardarine, combining the two to create a Muscle builder which is perfect for gaining lean muscle.

Stacking Ostarine and Cardarine is a no brainer. Their combined benefits will help you to gain lean muscle and burn excess fat. Often MK2866 and GW are stacked to increase the results from a cycle, so if you’ve used these types of muscle building products for a while and are looking to increase your results, then stacking is a great option.

Cardarine is a PPAR-delta pathway activator, so doesn’t target androgen receptors. PPAR-Delta has the ability to activate a large number of fat burning genes, helping you to burn extra fat without sacrificing muscle growth. Because Cardarine can activate PPAR-delta pathways, it can also improve strength and endurance. Giving you extra power in the gym for those vital extra reps.

Ostarine on the other hand is regarded as the mildest and most popular muscle builder on the market today. Originally developed to help treat muscle wasting conditions, Ostarine has amazing muscle preserving benefits and has become increasingly popular in the bodybuilding world.

Ostarine, or MK-2866, has amazing effects for gaining lean muscle while also burning excess fat. Ostarine allows you to work at a caloric deficit without losing any muscle mass. Ostarine allows the body to take energy from fat instead of muscle, while also enhancing protein synthesis to transform your gains.



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