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Everybody is different, and every person has different goals, metabolisms, bone structures, and ideals. We don't only sell sports supplements online – we also provide impartial and informative advice, enabling our clients to reach their goals faster, and in a safer and healthier manner.


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With nearly four decades of experience in bodybuilding, including rebuilding his body after a motorcycle accident in 2016, Aras has extensive knowledge in supplements and workout mixes, and will be able to give you well-versed advice whatever your goals are.

If you are looking for advice about sports supplements online then call Aras on 01284 615739, or pop into My Whey Supplements on Hatter Street, Bury St Edmunds, and have a chat.

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 Frequently asked questions

What do I need if I’m wanting to bulk?

  • High calorie intake
  • Mass gainer
  • High protein

I’m wanting to cut; what protein can I take?

  • Clear whey isolate
  • Whey isolate
  • Zero sugars

What’s the best way to take creatine?

Pop a scoop (as per instruction) in your cold drink of choice or add it to your BCAA or pre-workout.

Will pre-workout make me crash or affect my sleep?

If taken late enough it could cause a crash due to caffeine content, but there are some that don’t! For example, Yeti is an amazing pre-workout that doesn’t cause a crash, or you could opt for a low stim such as Alpha Neon maximum carnage (don’t let the name fool you!) or try a non-stim like Vari V2. It is important to remember that sleep is vital for muscle growth.

Is there anything I should be taking every day?

That depends on your individual goals but for overall health everyone should take BCAAs, EAAs, and vitamins (especially vitamins C and D) but as always consult your GP first!

Is there such a thing as too much protein if I’m wanting to lose weight?

Protein is a really filling macronutrient so while filling up on it isn’t bad for losing weight you still have to make sure you’re within a calorie deficit. Speaking to a trained nutritionist can help with any concerns about your diet/ macro goals.


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With so much personal experience in using supplements, combined with a familiarity of the most reliable brands and suppliers, we can pass on this knowledge to you, so you can avoid the pitfalls of bodybuilding supplements and reach your goals safely. We are the only store that specialises in sports supplements in Bury St. Edmunds and one of only a handful in the whole of East Anglia. We also sell bodybuilding and sports supplements online here, helping people train, get fit, and become the best versions of themselves.





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